10 things you can do if you live on a country house during COVID19 Pandemia confinement



We never thought 12 years ago when we started our project, Country Property in Spain, that we would be living such a terrible a surrealistic situation as we are now due to the COVID 19 all over the world.

We always believed that living off grid was indeed a great option and that living on  a sustainable country house was indeed a great option.

This affirmative feelings have even gone more powerful after 25 days confinement in Spain.

The confinement it is an unusual situation for everyone,  but living in the country side, with hectares of land surrounding your sustainable country house, with wiffi connection, heating, food, and being able to breath outside your house door, keeping safe it is right now a gift.

Let's make a list of some benefits of living at the country side always and especially now that we are living this odd circumstances that forces us to stay at home.

10 things you can do if you live on a sustainable country house during COVID19 Pandemia confinement:

1- Nice walks surrounded by nature

2- Weed control around the house

3- Gardening

4- Grow your own vegetables

5- Wiffi connection will keep you close to your family and friend during confinement

6- You can practice sport outdoors or indoors due to the big house spaces

7- Cooking using your grown up vegetables and fruits

8- Read while the sun is up, and get a great bath of D vitamin

9- Start adopting some nice Spanish traditions, enjoy nice siestas

10- No worries at all about electricity and water bills, this another great point about living off grid

Those are just 10 points that can be done on a sustainable country house during confinement. If you live on a country side like our customers you probably can add some extra points on the list... I leave up to you...

Stay home, stay safe, now it's not time for travelling, but soon we will be able to open our agenda and welcome you to help you on the exciting task of buying a property in Spain where to develop your dreamed project.

If you already y have a house in Spain, and you already are living in the country side, soon we will be able to visit you again, and share a nice cup of coffee, give you a nice and warm hug and some cheerful conversation.

Stay safe please and let's hope the world will start moving again soon.

Country Property in Spain Team