5 Reasons why to buy a Property in Castellón

We would like to share five reasons why should buy a property on this nice province, coastline and its mountains Castellón, between the provinces of Tarragona, Teruel and Valencia. On one hand, the part that soaks the Mediterranean Sea with its history and carrying its delicacy is known as the Costa Azahar. On the other hand, Castellon is the second most mountainous zone of Spain.

Its spatial and geographical configuration shows much of the charm of the region and of the possibilities offered in the past and which provides in the present. Thus, climate, relief and the sea have been configuring the character, history, communications and even gastronomy that today the traveller can meet and enjoy.


Bellow we explain a litle bit some of the beauties of Castellon region, that we are sure will make you think about visiting and invest of a lovely country property with stunning views to the sea side. Jewels of nature where you can legally build you country house.

Enjoy Castellón with your family

Without saying that a coastal territory is always one incentive for deciding to spend a few days with children; and Castellon offers you at the Costa Azahar so many thing to do for all ages. But there are also other activities of interest to all members of the family, here are some suggestions of complementary plans of each family group who wants to escape from rural tourism by province:

  • As we have already indicated, the beaches of Castellon boast the necessary arguments to convince everyone on the family. We highlight some of them, such as the Moncayo (in term of Guardamar del Segura), el Portet (in the municipality of Teulada-Moraira), La Fossa (in Calp) or Recatí (in Valencia) Beach.


  • Theme parks and leisure to learn at the time that is enjoyed as Aquarama Benicàssim, Garden of the parrot in Benicarló, famous Oropesa de Mar World Fantasy Park or adventure Saltapins Morella circuit
  • Water sports for all ages and to turn off the heat of the summer season through companies specializing in surfing, sailing, snorkelling, water skiing…
  • Days of hiking through short routes and short-distance trails or premises in which discovering inside and the nature of the province

Natural Castellón

We have already mentioned that Castellón is listed as the second most mountainous province of Spain. So the scenery offered in Castellón for the traveller goes within a short period of time from the sea and the more Mediterranean coast to the steep, green and leafy relief of the valleys of the interior and its rivers. Knowing that there are other natural landscapes of intense beauty in the province, we highlight the following:

  • Islas Columbretes, Natural Park of exceptional beauty formed by 4 groups of volcanic islands located in the Cabo de Oropesa.


  • The Park Natural Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca, a beautiful landscape and one of the best places where to sightings of birds, declared list of wetlands of international importance”.
  • The Sierra de Irta Natural Park with more than 7.740 hectares of land and more than 2,440 marine hectares, located in the region of the Bajo Maestrazgo, occupying part of the terms of Alacalá of Xivert, Peñíscola and santa Magdalena de Pulpis.
  • The mountainous area of Peñagolosa, not only for its natural environment but also for the cultural charms of peoples give to those who visit the Rincón de Ademuz.
  • The Sierra Calderona, beautiful natural landscape that is home to 18 municipalities of the province. Its more than 17.770 acres saved historical secrets and corners with charm.

Cultural Castellón

The region now occupied by Valencia was especially disputed by different cultures throughout history. Since ancient times, already the Carthaginians had mastery of large commercial ports and sea lanes of communication. Although it was the middle ages times greater footprint left and that most contributed to the future development of events.

The language, the artistic and historical heritage, civil engineering, including Chansons de Geste such as the Cid Campeador were part of this very important but intangible heritage that Muslim and Christian culture bequeathed to posterity. The struggle between these two cultures by the territory began in Morella in the 12th century and since then the political and social changes that would lead to the modern age were making.


  • Cities and towns of Castellón declared historical-artistic ensembles such as Peñíscola, the city of Morella, the population of Burriana, also Vilafames, the locality of wave, the village of Sant Mateu, the historical medieval Citadel of Cati, Segorbe, Villafranca del Cid or Lucena del Cid, Benicàssim, Alcalà de Xivert or the people of Jérica; all a listing of places of great artistic, monumental and artistic value.


  • In most of the villages and towns declared as previous historical sets is counted with the presence of castles and forts, but there are also other defensive buildings of interest such as those of Todolella, Almenara, Alcalatén, Puebla de Arenos, Pulpis or Gaibiel.

Active Castellón

As we saw in other provinces of Spain, sports outdoors and nature offer depends on much of the configuration of the territory, of the possibilities; Active tourism is the perfect complement for those trips in which the traveller looking for new sensations and release a good dose of adrenaline.

Castellón together mountain and the sea in a singular way, since it is low the distance that separates them, and the traveller can change ideas and tastes almost instantly without altering the times intended for one or the other activity.


  • Activities such as hiking, cannoning, cycling and BRR mountain, climbing, caving, zip… Companies such as Geoextrem offer professional services to all those interested in the practice of these sports. http://www.geoextrem.com/
  • Water is present throughout the province, so that the possibility of water sports are multiplied in this region: diving, paths in sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing and surfing,  or kayaking boats, as well as jet skis or ski nautical among other activities.


Gastronomic Castellón

Do you know what is meant by “paella”? It’s the frying pan in Catalan, in this case in the language of Valencia, which is where the famous Valencian dish. But Valencia, in addition to offering this dish popular in the whole world, and in particular Castellón, has a rich gastronomy Abba so travellers give good account of it:


  • The 120 kilometres of Mediterranean coast in Castellón well had to be reflected somehow in their dishes. The products of the sea form an indispensable part of the gastronomy of the region.
  • On the other hand, the privileges granted to this earth rivers are incalculable and rice is one of the products of the same star.
  • In terms of the huerta de Castellón, travellers can enjoy quality products like the artichoke, the nísperos (loquat) Callosa d’ in Sarrià or orange typical of the region.


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