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Ready to move to Spain? Are you willing to buy a property surrounded by nature and only 30 minutes away from the seaside?

Properties available, near the sea, 30 minutes drive to Vinarós, you can legally build a country house. Water and electricity can be connected to the mains, or you can start a off grid life.

We can help you trough all procedure, from finding the land, buying the land and all the administrations and legal procedures, architects project, license, building, also we can help you with House Insurance, house Security Systems.

I have made a list of some of the properties we do have on sale in the area. Please see below


In Castellon region the whole procedure can last about 6 month since the moment the architect project is done.


I share with you a post from our blog, where you can find the most frequent some questions and answers, I hope it helps

If you like to know more about costs, please read the post bellow


If you are willing to move to Spain, if you are willing to invest in a nice area where you could live surrounded by nature and very close to the sea. Please contact us and we will help you on the exciting task of buying a property in Spain.


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Sandra Salvadó

Country Property in Spain

COO Chief Operating Officer