Costs Involved on a building procedure in Spain


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Costs involved with installing a adequate solar system modern day living

It depends on the house size, but we can give a estimate figure

From 15.000€ to 20.000€

100m2 house : 15K

300 m2 house: 20K

Cost to drill a borehole / pump/ equipment

12.000€ approximately, depending on how meters deep the water is. But on the areas we work on.

With 12k you will have a borehole ready to supply the house

Costs to install a modern septic tank

2500€ house conations included, I must say that this step it's part of t he building cost

Cost for a local planning application, building license

2% of the building cost

Would local council consider a log style cabin, constructed to building regulations?

The Town halls on rural in Spain do not have legal competency  to decide, it all depends of the main government on the region.  A log cabin could be installed on the lans if you develop a camping site project .

Reminder: Free camping it is illegal in Spain

Purchase tax/ lawyer costs to buy the land

It is not necessary to pay for a professional lawyer service in Spain to buy a property as the completion is due on a Notary office and the notary attests to the authenticity of the documents

Costs to develop the architect project

Approximately 9% of the building cost

This includes: architect, engineer, water connections permissions, building budget, construction follow up, checking on quality and certifying the cost are respected.

Preparation of all the necessary documentation to register the house at the Spanish Register and "catastro"

Building costs

Between 840€ to 950€ depending if on the building is used stone or it is a contemporary house construction

On the top of this cost you will need to add the acquisition of tile, bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings, electrical household appliance

As per our wide experience and our loyalty card after 11 years building in dealing with building procedures in Spain and after being close to our customers buildings procedures and projects, the ideal is to  keep fidelity to whatever has been designed and signed at the very beginning. Before starting anything we will speak and go through all your project, to be able to define and design your dreamed project.


1- Closed budget

2- Closed architects design

Consequence: No surprise, smooth and clear


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