Country House Garden

 I guess that if you are reading this post if because you already have made many big decisions on regards of building a house in the country side, land maintenance and finally create a nice garden around the house.

Country Property in Spain, we do have the right professionals that could help you build a nice garden around you new sustainable country house.

There are many reasons why you should consider to do the house garden with a professional gardener. They will advise you about which plans and trees are best to plant on you property, depending on weather, if you are living whole year round or not. This above point are necessary to be considered as each soil, region, will have a specific characteristics, as well as the house owners will do.

On the pictures you can see the garden that our customer from French Guayana did in his house in North-East Spain. Once he made the decision to buy the property to build a sustainable country house, he decided that he wanted to restore the actual old manor house, then he wanted to care about the house surrounding. In one side, keeping the olives and almond trees, tilling the land, plow the trees, build a swimming pool, did the swimming pool cover and finally make a nice house surrounding, planting nice fruit trees, local plants, that could easily sustain the heat in summer and winter cold.

You can see the whole project in this link

Building up a nice garden surrounding your nice country house project it is like the icing on the cake.

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