How to proceed to build my dreamed house in Spain

How to proceed to build my dreamed house in Spain

It is important to know how things will proceed and how things will be develop before deciding to buy a property in Spain

Since 2018 we have been helping our customers to develop their projects in Spain

We work in three different regions


Matarraña- Aragon



Is the region where building restrictions are more severe, strict

  • you can only restore the actual building/ruin
  • you cannot build from scratch
  • you cannot extend the house surface
  • off grid houses
  • if the ruin is registered at the "Registro de la Propiedad" as a barn it will always stay like this
  • obtaining the license can take over 6 years ( very slow administration procedures)

Matarraña- Aragon

Since we started in 2008 is the region where we built most  as the administration was very cooperative- Also you could build from scratch 

  • you can build from scratch
  • up to 300m2 depending on the property surface
  • house or B&B
  • restore
  • off grid houses
  • extend actual building
  • obtaining a license use to take 6/8 month from the moment the architect project was handle
  • TODAY procedures to obtain the license are over 4/5 years waiting


We have properties surrounded by nature, some with sea views and only 30 minutes to Vinarós

  • you can build from scratch
  • you can build up 400m2
  • some of the properties water and electricity can be connected to the mains
  • off grid houses
  • obtaining the license can take just over 4/6 month after the architects project has been submitted

To buy the property

  • NIE - you can apply for the NIE once you will have your deposit contract signed
  • Bank account in a Spanish Bank

To do the project

  • Do the house project with a Spanish architect
  • if you do the project with us we will introduce to our architect Manel
  • The house will be designed listening your criteria and the architects professional knowledge and criteria.
  • Whatever is decided on the project will be done, build ( no changes accepted during the building procedure)
  • Changes will be only admitted once the team and the owner will arrive to a signed agreement in case the original budget need to be modified.
  • Submit the project
  • Deal with the administration to obtain the license
  • License ready to build - this procedure will be different in each region


  • Everything will be defined before starting the house construction
  • The above point avoids extra costs to the owner and builder
  • Depending on the house size in 8/12 month the house can be built
  • Solar panels for electricity
  • Borehole for water
  • In Castellon is the only region where there are some properties that can be connected to the village mains

Airports to Fly





*hiring a car is necessary to move around, there is not a good public transport availble in any of the regions to arrive to the villages and properties

If you like to know more about how to legally proceed please do not hesitate in asking we willkindly help you and advise you through all procedure 

Sandra Salvadó 

Country Property in Spain
COO Chief Operating Officer
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