Moving to Spain, what do I need to know? What Do I need to know to buy a property in Spain ? The most frequent questions

Moving to Spain, what do I need to know?

What Do I need to know to buy a property in Spain ? The most frequent questions

If you are reading this post it's because it's time to make decisions. It's time for you to start moving towards your dreamed project in lovely and charming Spain.

I will try to simplify most of the main information you need to know, if you wish to live in Spain. 

First of all, Welcome, Welcome to Spain and Welcome to Country Property in Spain community. If you like to know more about our team, please read this post:  and this one too:

Frequent questions we receive daily on our email, usual and common doubts you have before buying a property in Spain and before you decide to develop and build your dreamed house in Spain

Please see some of the main questions we receive everyday on our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let's go through them together hoping that the answers will give some light to your initial doubts. 

1- Is it necessary to have a long list of properties to visit?

Not really:

1.2- Write down your property top characteristics,  define your budget to buy the property and to develop the whole project. Stick on to your budget through all procedure.

1.3- Check our website  site or our adverts on Kyero and Think Spain and come back to us with your first wishing list and questions.

1.4- Contact us via email and we will give some value information about procedures, costs, timings, before  your first trip.

1.5- Your list can be made of one unique property that has really caught your heart. 

(a little advise, please don't believe blindly your thoughts when you are a thousand kilometers away and you have not seen the property or visited the area before)

1.6- Once you will be here, David our projects and sale manager will show you properties that could match your criteria 

 2- Can I buy a property without viewing the area or property? 

Our recommendation is always to visit the areas, to walk the properties on different times during the day, so you can feel the magic of sunrise, sunset or how beautiful is the light at midday 

3- Can you buy a country property and build from scratch ?

Yes, but depending on the area rules, timings and procedures  are different. If you like to know more check this post on our website:

In the three regions you will need a license to build

4- How to start the purchase procedure ? 

You can start by viewing some properties from your own country.  Sitting comfortably of your couch or with your laptop on your kitchen table listening to nice music, get a cold drink and  Google, read, find, check, double check and when the right info will arrive to you, it will be the right time to contact.

 I hope you contact us 

5- Do I need a lawyer?

This is something you need to decide yourself: After 13 years experience I will say that: If you feel like contracting a lawyers service then it's fine but you need to know that 97% of the times, lawyers contact us to double check and verify the info through us.

So definitely it's up to you, but I would say answering the above question DO I NEED A LAWYER the answers its' a no. No need, but of course it's a personal choice. 

6- Which area should I buy a property?

We work in Castellon, Matarraña and Cataluña, if you have access to these  link:   you will already know that each area has its own procedures and timings.

Why don't you make your own questions to help you, is my wish to live near the sea? I am ready to wait 5 years to obtain a license? Is it important for me to live very secluded? How far from big cities would I like to live?  ...

7- Do I need a license to build in Spain? YES, 100% YES 

8- How long would I spend dealing with administration before I can start building?

Depending on the area, Catalonia about 7 years Matarraña between 3/5 years and Castellon 6 month 

Crazy but real 

9- Can I build my own house? 

Yes, but you will need a architect project a license and technical architect to supervise your works 

10- Can I obtain a Spanish Residence?

Yes, on this post I explain how to proceed: 

We can help you to obtain your residence in one morning. Our service cost is 150€ per Residence. 

11-Do I need to deal with an architect to develop the project? 

Yes, you will need to contract a Spanish architect's services to design the house and to deal with the complex bureaucratic procedures with the administration to obtain the license. 

12- Can I design my own house? 

You will have meetings with the architect and define your house characteristics together with  him, the architect, Manel,  will do the drawings and he will have the last word to guarantee 100% your project

13- Do I have to buy the property, do the project build the house with your Country Property in Spain Team? 


13.1 - Can I buy the property with you but deal with a different architect and building team? 

Yes of course, you can buy the property with us and deal with another architect and building team. In this case we will not be responsible of futures decisions and results.

14- Taxes that I will pay once I will have my house? 

Annual taxes in the countryside are very low, no more than 50€ per year

15- Do I need a NIE to buy a property? Do I need a Spanish Bank account?

Yes and yes. We can help you with both procedures. 

NIE we will need to go to the Policia Nacional

Bank we will introduce you to the Bank manager 

16- Do you do a global service that includes all the steps and procedures? 

Yes, we can help you to find the best property according to your needs and budget, we will introduce you to our architect Manel who will design the best house for you according to your wishes , budget and following the legalities and we will also give you the opportunity to work with one of our building teams. We will follow up your projects and help you until the end. 

17- Can I use the water river to supply the house? 

No, to supply the house you will need to drill a borehole 

Cost to drill a borehole / pump/ equipment : 12.000€ approximately, depending on how meters deep the water is. But on the areas we work on, with 12k you will have a borehole ready to supply the house.

18- What about electric supplying for the house?

Costs involved with installing a adequate solar system modern day living: It depends on the house size, but we can give a estimate figure

From 15.000€ to 20.000€

100m2 house : 15K

300 m2 house: 20K

19- Can we have an internet connection? 

Yes all the houses can have internet

20- Can I grow my own vegetables? 

Yes, you can grow your own little garden, many local people do have their own garden to grow vegetables for family consume

21- Is it feasible, viable to live on the property? 

Country side does not really give big incomes for living. Most of the local people are stopping their productions as their children do not want the land heritage. If you like to live on the land you will need many hectares as well as tools and farming machinery

22- Do I have to build traditional brick houses or can It be a straw bale house, container house, hobbit house... ? 

It does not have be a traditional country house, but in any case you will have to deal with the architect and follow the legalities and listen to the architect and projects manager advise.

Please check here some of our customers houses / projects

23- How long is the building procedure ?

One year approx once we will have the license

I hope the above  questions an answers helps you, this list can increase so if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate in contacting us and we will make this list bigger and bigger but above all the list will be helpful.

Our aim is to help you on the exciting task of buying a property in Spain and make sure all your steps are done consciously and safely.

Thank you for reading, willing to welcome you in the near future in Spain

Sandra Salvadó

Country Property in Spain

COO Chief Operating Officer

+34 687 94 12 86

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