Sustainable country houses in Spain - Drilling a borehole

Sustainable country houses in Spain

Water diviner, "Zahorí"

Yesterday as many times before we met our customers, the water diviner and ourselves to go through the one of the most happy and exciting moments before starting with the house project.

Finding underground water is indeed a magic moment. We are lucky as we have on our team, Juanito, a great man who has the power to find underground water, but he also has the power to confirm how many meters deep the water is, and he can guess if it is a water stream which means that water will last forever or it is a water bag that means that water will stop coming up the pump once the borehole will be done.


We have been drilling boreholes since 2008 as a part of our customers projects. In the areas where we do built most of the properties cannot be connected to mains son they 98% off grid country houses, these means that it is an essential and important thing the moment when we find water as this will permit the house to have potable water all year round.

Are you willing to live off grid the rest of your life?

Are you willing to buy a country property on a charming area in Spain?

Are you willing to build a sustainable country house in real Spain?

We can help you through all procedure.

The pictures on this post blog, were taken on the 19/09/2019 when we were at Sophia's and Glenn's property in charming Matarraña, where they are about to start their dreamed project, building a sustainable country house in real and charming Spain.