Where to buy a property in Spain and why?

Are you willing to buy a property in Spain? Have you got and idyllic area?

Do you know that depending on the regions procedures are different?


You don't know where to buy a property? Are you thinking on rural area like Matarraña in Aragon? or maybe near the coast, like Castellón region? or would you prefer to be in a historic area like Priorat in Catalonia?

If you are reading this post is probably because you are doubting which area would suite best to start you new project.

Certainly surroundings and feeling the area are important issues to consider when buying a property in a foreign country, but not lees important is to know the legally procedures on each area and timings to obtain licenses.

This is why I have wrote this post, to give you some light when you are on the very first stage of your purchase.

 Bellow some specific characteristics of each area:


Possibility of building at the country side

Ok solar panels and borehole, 99% of the properties are to live off grid

Ok building from scratch or restoring a old manor houses, ok expanding too

Two years to be able to obtain a license. ( maybe a bit more) 

Deep land area, 1h minimum to sea side

Close to the Natural Park Els Ports de Beceit

Access to the cycling green track

Charming region in Aragon bordering with Catalonia

Some examples of some available properties in Matarraña region






Possibility of building at the country side

Ok solar panels and borehole for part of the properties we do have on sale. On the area it is possible to find many properties with the possibility of connecting to the village mains

Ok building from scratch or restoring a old manor houses, ok expanding too

Six month aprox to be able to obtain a license. 

The properties are all 30 minutes away from the coast

Some properties have sea views

30 minutes drive to Vinarós a lovely village full of summer life

Nice natural surrounding

Some examples of some available properties in Castellon region










You can only build on the country side if on the land there is a old manor house, ruin that it's registered at the Spanish register as a legal dwelling. 

You can only restore whatever it says on the register

You cannot extend the house

from two years to 6 years to obtain a licence

The area where we do have properties, Priorat, is a world known region by it's wine cellers and wines.

Natiral surrounding

1h to the sea side





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