“A life in Matarraña”......


I divide my life into «books» - and these books will also contain chapters……

I have written the first chapter about creating a place to live in Aragon – the next chapters will deal with exploring the life and culture in Matarraña and the rest of Spain……..

This journey started many years ago, back in 2000, when I decided to buy a property abroad. I used more than a year on internet and thereafter visited many countries around the Mediterranean…..

I ended up in Spain for many reasons, the culture, the people, the food and the most exiting history of this peninsula…..


Why Matarraña ?

I sought a place away from the tourism areas, a place with a genuine atmosphere and with lots of possibilities to walk the mountains, do bicycling and kayaking and a place where I could get to know the Spanish people and learn the language…..

I also wanted a place with lot of space and a place where I could be “independent”……..making my own electricity, pumping my own water and cutting my own firewood for heating….


Why Country Properties ?

I contacted several Real Estate Agents in Spain – and I visited many places and saw many properties….

Country Properties however gave me the feeling that they would be there all the way – and make sure that my project would come true…….


I meet David and Sandra the first time in 2009 – and we looked at several options, big and smaller estates, until I settled for the property I finally bought the same year……

In 2010 the arcitect Manel had planned my first house and we started building with Antonio as superviser….

A year later the house was finished and we started planning the next house together with Manel - the outbuilding or almacen…..

In 2013 the builder, Josep, started building…..and finished about a year later according to plan…..


This year, 2016, we managed to get the “Declaración de obra nueva finalizada” for the property – this means that my property officially is a legal part of Spain – and a legal place for me to stay….

I could not have done this alone – and I thank Sandra, David, Manel, Antonio, Josep and all the other wonderful people that have made this dream of mine come true…..


This also means that the first chapter of my book about my life in Spain is closed……..

I am now looking forward to start exploring the surroundings, the nature, the culture and the exiting history of Spain…..


Jan Fjordvang

  1. November 2016