To all of you starting on the journey of dreaming of finding , renovating or building a new home in the Matarrana area of Spain, I would say this . Firstly do your research on what you want, where you want to be and be realistic on how much you want to invest in order to achieve your dream. Secondly, find an agent who will actually listen to what you want and not try to sell you what they want you to buy, perhaps even speak to their clients, and visit finished and builds in progress. Thirdly, find a trusted advisor who knows the area and cannot only connect you to the key tradespeople but who will take responsibility for delivering your dream. The only person we found that stood head and shoulders above all the other agents in doing all of this for us was David Suarez, and his team.
To illustrate the point after exchanging emails for weeks and spending 2 hours discussing our requirements in person , we still bought the first property David showed us, even after we viewed many more with him. In short he listened to wha we wanted !! David calculated our total spend, and matched us to the ideal property location with the house and land features we wanted.His calculation was very different to ours, but much more realistic, and not necessarily to his advantage.
Now be prepared!!! You will be amazed at how enthusiastic and tireless David will be in helping you realise your dream. At times you will think ( by British standards) he is too good to be true!! Don’t worry and take heart from how well known he is in the communities you will visit, and learn to appreciate he lives where you will live and that the ‘locals’ and his clients alike, now locals too, do trust him. We were amazed at how much time he spent with us to reassure us on all the details. In short – David and his team make buying, designing and building your new property and home and Spain a FUN project. At times you would think it was his own home he is building, he contributes so much advice and sensible ideas abound !!!
We have just completed the purchase of the land and are starting the design process with Manel, the architect, so we have yet to progress to the building stages but we look forward to recommending David for this parts of the project too.
Louise and Will, SE England