Without YOU we would not be living in this lovely part of Spain.

You have lead us all the way from start to finish.


When we first met up with David, He answered all the Questions we had, showed us lots of land, we chose Calaciete, and this is wonderful place to live. our house is 1 mile from the village, in among Olive and Almonds, we see the full moon every month and the stars shine bright every night our sunsets are just wonderful, we have no crime in Calaciete, no traffic ,only tractors, love it all


The village we lived in when the house was being build made us very welcome, Arens de Lleido, loved our time there and Calaceite is just the same lovely.



Our house has been build and designed as we wanted, and we run complete off grid.


Yes it does take time and you have to be patient, like anything you do in life,

and as we did not speak the Spanish, all of you helped ,not only with the house but where the doctors where and how and how to register, David took us there.


I wish i could express myself better, difficult  at expressing myself on paper.

but if any of your new customers get in touch with me, i would answer any questions for them.

Many Thanks for helping us live in this wonderful part of Spain.

Sandra Turner