Do I need an independent lawyer (solicitor)?

  • The sale-purchase process for selling or buying a property in Spain is comparatively simple. Notaries ensure that transactions comply with the Spanish law, and the Land Registries record them.
  • The Notary acts primarily in the interests of the State, and strictly speaking represents neither buyer nor seller. Before preparing the Escritura, the Notary will have checked that the property is registered at the Land Registry in the seller’s name, and if there are mortgages or other charges that must be cleared before completing the sale.
  • Private sellers rarely use a lawyer, and Spanish buyers usually get their bank to oversee a purchase rather than employ one.
  • As a buyer, if you wish to have a solicitor, you should choose an independent lawyer (i.e. not your estate agent’s lawyer!), but our clients speak particularly well of the following English/English speaking lawyers:
  • Eshkeri and Grau, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., web
  • Naturally Country Property are happy to work with any lawyer our buyers instruct, English speaking or otherwise.