Building regulations to live in the country in Catalonia

  • It is very important that you know that it is not possible to build new houses in the country in catalunya. The only way we can live in the country in Catalunya – Catalonia, is if we buy a dwelling. This may sound very difficult but it is not.
  • A DWELLING is a building where an architect can certify that it was once a permanent residence. The Architect will have to certify this and this certificate will have to be on your deeds.
  • You will need two documents. These two documents have to be added to the deeds at the Notary at the date of Completion:
  1. A document from a certified Architect that confirms this building was once a dwelling (habitatge familiar, in Catalan)
  2. Document from the council that certifies this building is legal.
  • In spain, you are not allowed to turn barns into housesThis can be very confusing because it is possible in the UK. Some agents will say that many people do it… Does it mean the authorities allow it? NO, they will not allow it although sometimes they do not act immediately.
  • Camping or living in mobile homes is forbidden in Country properties in CatalunyaThe Spanish law is very clear in this aspect. If any agent says, you can do this… ask them to have a written permission from the mayor. This is not possible to achieve as it is against the law.
  • Log cabins are strictly forbidden in spainMany people think this is an option for many reasons… but it is not.