8 Reasons why you would move to Spain

Choosing  a destination to live ¿Could be Spain?

1 – The lifestyle

 Spain’s gracious lifestyle is a huge attraction,. In Spain, life is savored, with time taken to enjoy life’s pleasures. People stroll the streets in the evenings, enjoying the long evenings and chatting with neighbors. Charming outdoor café, where you can while away the hours, are everywhere.

Families are close, and many still eat most meals together. And that long mid-day siesta—which some other countries see as inefficient—provides the ideal time to connect with friends and family and to savor good food. That’s not to say that day-to-day life is never hectic—tapas-bar hopping takes stamina, after all…

Spain over other countries, you simply just feel better and more relaxed in this pleasant atmosphere. You cannot describe or put a price on the “feel good factor”, it’s just there for all to enjoy, unique to Spain and best of all “it’s free”. The much-improved quality of life and less formal attitude to day to day living is without question the main reason so many people say they wish to buy a new home in Spain.

Living in Spain give you an extra to your life

move to spain

2 – The weather

 Those long evening outside talking to friends and enjoying a nice drink overlooking a nice view? You can thank Spain’s warm weather for making them possible. Sunny weather is the norm in much of the country. Summer it’s just perfect and  are still pretty mild comparing to other European countries, the best thing about it the sun, although it can be a cold freezing day, blue sky and sunshine makes a big difference. Another nice thing about weather is Spain is that is most regions you can have four proper seasons.

A great average of 320 sunny days per year.

3 – The Variety

 Any way you look at it, Spain is amazingly diverse. Beaches; mountains; vast plains; year-round mild weather or four distinct seasons: Spain has it all. Pick whatever climate you like, and unless your favorite is year-round snow, you’ll likely find it in Spain.

The culture is very diverse, too. Today’s Spain was formed from several separate kingdoms, and those regional differences are alive and well today. Cataluña, the Basque Country, Galicia, Valencia…they all feel delightfully different, and they each have their own language and customs (though Spanish is spoken everywhere). Visiting any of them can practically feel like visiting another country.

The culture of Spain are European cultures based on a variety of historical influences

The food varies regionally, as well. Basque and Catalan cooking may be the most renowned in Spain. But Galicia’s seafood is to die for, and you’ve never had paella until you’ve had it in Valencia

4 – The Health Benefits

Recommended by the World Health Organization as “near perfect environment as it is possible to obtain”. Near miraculous cures have been recorded in this area and especially beneficial to people who suffer from Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis or heart related problems. Spain offers truly exceptional, quick medical treatment and many new hospitals.

Health Care in Spain it’s reachable to anyone who live or visits the country

5 – The people

Spanish people are hard workers, and generally the country has a big spirit of service to the huge amount of people who are coming on holidays or to stay long periods in the Country.

A warm and generous people, renowned for their genuine hospitability and are to glad share their relaxed lifestyle with their European friends.

One of the main reasons Spain is so popular is the Spanish nation are so helpful and accommodating to its visitors

The Spanish people are a lot of fun. Reserved, yet often exuberant. Friendly, yet sometimes cantankerous. Gracious, expansive, and often slightly stroppy, they’re a great reason to live in Spain. It’s easy to strike up conversations with friendly locals…but it’s only when you’re invited into a Spaniard’s home that you know you’ve “arrived.” Once that happens, you may be treated like family: Brace yourself to be loved—and chastised and nagged—accordingly. 

6 – The cost of living

If you agree on living on non “popular” areas you can buy a property and build your country home for 50% less that you would pay in a crowded region in this point I would point up to Matarraña, where you can legally build sustainable country houses, surrounded by nature, facing the Natural Park Els Ports de Beceit and not far from the sea side and bigger cities; to know more check this link: https://www.countrypropertyinspain.com/category/environment/

Spain is one of the least-expensive countries in Western Europe. And that’s particularly true today.

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In smaller towns you can pay even less life can be very cheap. Warm climate. And excellent public transportation means you don’t need a car. Get excellent private health care—or, if you get a residence visa, access the free, public health care system after a waiting period.

So what are you waiting for?

move to spain

7 – Investment

Spain constantly tops the lists of European countries for increased property values, couple this with a safe, strong economy and it can only get better. It is common knowledge that Property values in the Matarraña in Aragon region are still undervalued so offering a shrewd investment for new buyers.

Prime, top quality property in a desirable area always sells well regardless of any market fluctuations

8 – Buying Safely

You will have no worries or sleepless nights when buying through Country Property in Spain.

All our properties are 100% legal and fully authorized to be sold; legally registered and the Spanish property Register. You are totally safe when buying with us, we pride ourselves on our irrefutable reputation in this business.

Finalize yourself the  list and if you easily find the other two reasons to end up with a 10 reasons list. If you do, then move to Spain and start enjoying the benefits of living on this beautiful and cheerful country.