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Completed Projects

Country Property in Spain

On this properties in Spain our customers have legally build their dreamed country home. The procedure start by choosing on the properties for sale and the proceed with the building. We help you to find the best property according to your needs and budget.

You can invest on this charming area, building your country home, we have the best house prices in Spain.

Mas de la Creu - Carlos & Lisa from England

Carlos and Lisa started looking for a property end 2013, they felt in love with a stunning spot in Matarraña region, in Aragon, Spain. They were willing to live permanently in Spain, so while all the procedure was taking place they organized their things back in Uk to be able to move to Spain once the house would be built. 

They both have a special touch and they have made a lovely home, a stone sustainable country house surrounded by nature. 

Living off grid it is a great option. Enjoying the calm of nature and not far from bigger villages and cities for day- to- day facilities. 

Carlos and Lisa are part of our big Family, Country Property in Spain it is much more than just  a ordinary state agent. We care about our customers dreams from the beginning to the end. And we feel very happy and proud to be part of the live project in Spain. 

Country Properly, “ YOUR DREAM, WE MAKE IN HAPPEN”


Mas del Caballero - John & Roz from England

John and Roz from England met Country Property in 2009, it has being few years since we first met. That prove that we always keep in touch with our customers although sometimes proceed is longer than others. We like being close to our customers to make sure all the steps on the project are legally taken as our customer’s success goes directly related to our way of proceeding. John and Roz, has visited the area many times. They believe that Matarraña has all the ingredients to make a great investment; weather, connections, location, access, rural area, real Spain…etc…

They have end up getting a beautiful house by according thoughts with Manel the architect and all the Country Team. Since beginning 2014, they are enjoying the beauty and the charming of the area from the comfort of their lovely country home in Matarraña, Spain.




Masia in Calaceite - John Keenan & Jane Muirhead

John and Jane met us in 2009, like nearly all of our clients came to Spain to start a real dream, build a country house. Country Property gave them the possibility to develop their dream in Calaceite, Matarraña, Aragon, Spain.

In 2011 we gave the Keys of their lovely old manor house restored. They are living permanently in the area and enjoying the surroundings and Spanish style of live. They participate in all the social activities in the villages like Calaceite and Arens de LLedó. John and Jane are now owners of a beautiful country house and we are happy for them.




Mas del Capserri - Mark Morgan from London

Mark Morgan from London contacted us is 2013, he was searching a nice property where to legally build his dreamed sustainable country house surrounded by nature. We started the property viewing and he felt in love with this stunning piece of land with amazing views. The house is now finished and Mark can enjoy the beauty and comfort of his new, spectacular and impressive home.

As Mark is a very lifely person he has spent few years learing about how to do olive oil and he is already making own olive oil, natural products that comes straight from his own land. He has build a web site and he is selling Mas del Capserri olive oil in different shops in London.   

Denis Burlot from French Guayana

Denis Burlot from French Guyana felt in love with this old manor house in Catalonia when he saw the property and the house ruin he knew it would be the place for him and his family. He started the restoration in 2013. The final is result is a beautiful traditional manor house surrounded by nature 

They have really trust us since the very beginning and felt comfortable with our way of proceeding. Understanding that they live very far away, we are developing their project with all the care that all our customers need and deserve, to develop safely and legally their investments in Spain.

Country Properly, “ YOUR DREAM, WE MAKE IN HAPPEN”



Nuestra Posada - Loes & Hans Veerman from Holland

Loes & Hans Veerman met us back in 2009, they come from Holland and they were willing to start their dream in Spain. After working for many years in Holland and their 4 children grew up, they were ready to move on and come over to Spain to settle in.

Country Property, this is “us,” gave them a helping hand back then to develop their dream, that is, a rural house in Lledó with the best views overlooking Els Ports de Beceit’s natural park. We gave them the keys to their new property back in 2012 only for them to start welcoming their first customers straight away. We know how important it is for this couple to welcome their clients and make it so special for them, so we are very happy for this couple, really. Once again, we feel proud of being part of Loes and Hans’ dream as they have been ever so nice to us during all the proceedings with the house, which is indeed a beautiful and fortunate outcome they should be proud of.





Mas Wilfred from Holland

Wilfred from Surinam living actually in Holland, has decided in 2012 to make his dream come true, build a country home in Spain. A lovely country house surrounded by nature and using alternative systems to supply the house. Once we met Wilfred he had not doubt that Matarraña should be the spot where to build his dreamed home, and he also decide that our professional Country property team was the ideal company to develop legally his project. Making safe investment is our priority. As we always do we work close to our customers to develop the project. Just a few trips to Spain, new connections, and a great understanding has made this possible. Mas Wilfred a beautiful country home in Matarraña, Spain.

Country Property, You dream we make it happen.




Mas de las Águilas - Nandita from India

Nandita from India met Country Property team in 2011. She is an experienced woman with many interests and her dream is to build a lovely house in the Matarraña region, Aragon Spain to retire and enjoy nature on a great charming house. She is being near us by using internet skills all this time while she is being travelling around the world. She is close with Manel the architect and David both from Country Property team. She trusts our way of proceeding and by handling her residence proceed to Balcells Lawyers Group, she has all her needs safely covered by a fantastic working team in Aragon, Spain. Since summer 2014, she is enjoying part of the year in Spain and living a lovely dream in her country home. A great spot surrounded by nature where to read, write, relax, she is also promoting agriculture on her land by cultivating her own wine and olive oil. Big experiences that come after a great process of building. Legal and safe investments on a prosperous area in Spain.








Chris Locke from England

Chris Locke is from England. He was willing to buy property so that he could enjoy his hobby (he is a carp fish angler), and he was dreaming about a house in Spain. He met us back in 2009 and we gave him the keys to his house in 2011.

Country Property and the team are also part of his success in the Aragon region of Spain. His beautiful house is located in Caspe close by the sea of Aragon where he, his family and friends can enjoy the best of their time in this area’s lovely weather and great surroundings.







Mas del Encanto

Mas del Encanto it’s a beautiful rural house, B&B, in Lledó, Matarraña, the owners, Axel and Sandrine from Deutschland and Belgium.

They decided to move to Spain and start a new live. The house started building on 2014, and actually they are welcoming new guest to their charming house. Mas del Encanto stunning country houses surrounded by nature. A dream house in a prosperous region.





Roger Terry from Canada

Roger Terry from Canada is proud and happy with his project in Arens de LLedó, Aragón, Spain. Roger’s project is a great lovely big house with incredible views to the Natural Park Els Ports de Beceit, brilliant access and close to the village. He met Country Property in 2010 in a short trip and he feel in love with the area and his welcoming neighbours. He is fully trusting the Country Property team and recovering a great spot of land with the help of some local farmers. Mr. Terry has been able to enjoy of a great stays with his family and friends on his charming sustainable country home. Another safe and legal investment follow up from Canada, the trust and confidence of our customers are the key to our success. Working together using modern ways of communications give us the opportunity to aim our customers dreams.  



Cristian Lima from Denmark

Cristian Lima is from Denmark, he met the team back in 2008, and in 2010 we gave him the keys to his dreamed house in Spain; Cris and his wife Susan are coaches in Denmark and they wanted to have an Old Manor house in Spain. We found an old ruin for them, but after all the restoring was done (speaking of which, it was no mean feat at all), now it looks like this.

Cris and Susan love the area, they enjoy cycling and walking around exploring the great outdoors in the Priorat Region of Catalonia. Once again, we are proud to be part of their dream and to have their friendship after the project was completed.








Mas de Red Dragon

Sandra, Brian and Steve contact Country Property in 2011 and they bought their dream property in 2012. This New Year 2013 we have started their dreamed house, where they will develop their business project. A family camping site, called THE RED DRAGON. The property is in Calaceite in the Matarraña region, in Aragon. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. MAS THE RED DRAGON it will be the new home for Brian’s, Sandra’s and Steve and with their work, they will promote the area and join the community.

Once again, Country Property is developing the project holding hands with our customers, making sure that their way in Spain until they get their dreamed house is smoothly and successfully happy. We will handle out the keys house in July so very soon they will enjoy the nature surround on their new bright house in the countryside in Spain. COUNTRY PROPERTY YOUR DREAM WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.





Mas Vall de la Rovira - Craig Rankine from Scotland

Craig Rankine and his family are from Scotland. They met Country Property team back in 2009, and in 2011 we gave them the keys to their country and sustainable house in Arens de LLedó, Matarraña, Aragon, Spain.

They offered us a lovely reception in their house along with his neighbours and now, apart from enjoying the peace and great outdoors of this area during their holidays, they have the opportunity to rent the house to people who might enjoy discovering this fantastic spot in Spain as well. Craig and Lesley are a lovely couple and so easy to please, so they have made our job so easy. Once again, thank you for trusting Country Property. We are proud to be part of Rankine’s dream.










Claudia Vogt from Germany

Claudia Vogt came to Spain for the first time in 2009, we was in love of a property in Calaceite, very secluded but idilyc place for developing her artist side, she is a great painter and in Matarraña region, Aragon, Spain gets lots of isnpiration.

Claudia comes from Germany, she wonted to be under the sunshine all year and Country Property help her during all procedure. We gave Claudia the keys of her house in 2010, Claudia restored a ruin by the river and now she is pleased with the result and making her hobby and her way on living. Because dreams can come true.









Jan Fjordvang from Norway

Jan Fjordvang has already a lovely house in the Matarraña region, Aragon, Spain. He is enjoying his new house and after a couple of years, he is ready to develop a new project on his country property facing the Natural Park Els Ports de Beceit.

He is now building a new 2-bedroom apartment, bungalow beside the main house. So he will be able to welcome friends a family, having a separate apartment for them, a 90 square meter house that will complete a lovely project that Jan started in 2010 with Country Property, he is now part of this big family and he is seeing his dreams come true on a charming a prosperous area.

Country Property team is helping Jan again to aim his dreamed.





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