Mas de las Águilas - Nandita from India

Nandita from India met Country Property team in 2011. She is an experienced woman with many interests and her dream is to build a lovely house in the Matarraña region, Aragon Spain to retire and enjoy nature on a great charming house. She is being near us by using internet skills all this time while she is being travelling around the world. She is close with Manel the architect and David both from Country Property team. She trusts our way of proceeding and by handling her residence proceed to Balcells Lawyers Group, she has all her needs safely covered by a fantastic working team in Aragon, Spain. Since summer 2014, she is enjoying part of the year in Spain and living a lovely dream in her country home. A great spot surrounded by nature where to read, write, relax, she is also promoting agriculture on her land by cultivating her own wine and olive oil. Big experiences that come after a great process of building. Legal and safe investments on a prosperous area in Spain.