CEO - Chief Executive Officer and Projects Manager

He is THE PERFECTO man. Hi has always a solution and a answer for all the questions about how to legally develop your dreamed project in North-East Spain.

He has the knowledge  to guide you and advise you through all procedure. From buying the property and choosing the best spot to build your dreamed house. He will help you with the house design working and collaborating with our architect, dealing with administration, obtaining the building license, and building procedure. David is indeed the all in one state agent!! He knows the area very well, he knows the neighbors and the way of living, he has direct contacts with local administrations. He makes sure that you everything will go well for you.

David Suárez has the caring touch, he is the one who will help you when it is necessary, he likes people and he feels happy being beside you through all procedure. He likes to listen but he also likes to be listen!!! then all proceed will go FANTASTICO as he would say! David would be beside you from the very beginning to the end of the project, he would be holding hands during your project evolution so at the end of it you will be proud of your NEW HOUSE in Spain. David is your link to everybody who you would you need to proceed with your project, so he is the one who will deal for YOU! He is the soul of Country Property in Spain.



COO - Chief Operating Officer

I am your first contact with Country Property in Spain.

I am most of the time working on the back of  the house. I like receiving your emails, reading about your dreams, and help you to start walking on the exciting task of buying a property in Spain. I can help you via email, before your travel for the first time, and also once you have visited us. I coordinate David's and Manel's agenda.

I up date our web site. I write the blog posts. I also care about Country Property in Spain Social Network. I care about CPIS advertising so our properties can be found for many people who are willing to buy a nice property in Spain to develop their dreamed project.

I am your connection with the team and the area. I will try to help you in everything I can.  





He has THE SPECIAL TOUCH!!! He is part and key on our Spanish real state

Manel was born in Galicia in a rural village in Pontovedra region. He was diplomat in Architecture in 1991 by the University in Sevilla, Spain. He has much experience as a freelance architect. For 20 years, he has being designing buildings and family houses in Galicia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Andorra, and now must of his projects are based in Aragon. He has the knowledge to develop projects by caring about the laws, rules and making sure all the proceed goes well for the customer. He has now nearly 30 projects to develop, he has the sensibility to make people dreamed houses come true!

He is able to draw magically your dream country home on one of the charming land for sale we do have available for you.

Manel has a special touch and he drawings transmit perfectly to the customers all their toughs and wishes. This is why since we started in March 2008 he is the Architect we will hardly recommend to anyone who would like to develop a project without any doubts, Manel has the experience, the knowledge and the professionalism.





Juanito is an experienced old man of the area who joins in Country Property team since we started in March 2008. Juanito is the person able to locate the presence of underground water, with a divining rod, hi is amazing how with a wooden rod holding hands with our customers can find the underground water, the exact place, and exact deep in the water can be. It is indeed a amazing show.

He is the expert in boreholes and after walking the whole property; he can tell YOU where exactly the water is and how many litters per day you will get for day-to-day use. Juanito is a lovely caring man who approaches our customers to the real Spanish people. You will be absolutely amazed by his heavenly gift!!

He is very talented on what he does!!





Josep Maria Descarrega from El Molar, Catalan Priorat is the Country Property Surveyor. He has also big responsibilities on the building procedure. He has studied in Reus and he is part of our team since 2011. Always ready to help, very professional, responsable and happy man. The surveyor in Spain is legally necessary. He must make sure that the architect designed will be built as it’s drawn.

His responsibility is not limited to the design and implementation of construction techniques, but it occupies an increasingly important active role in what is the management of the Spanish real estate process. Developing tasks such as the advice in recruitment and in the selection and purchase of products, materials and facilities; or obtain permits and administrative licensing; or the realization of studies and financial programming of the promotion; or the monitoring of the performance of the contract of works and supply contracts… The function of the so-called project is management, or project manager. He also cares about the health and safety part of the building works.

Contact Us! we have amazing country land for sale in Spain to build your dreamed country home.