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Are you willing to discover a natural jewel in deep land Spain?

The CNN named Matarraña region as the Spanish Toscana. This lovely region in Aragon, belongs to Teruel province.

There are many hidden spots to be discovered.

Matarraña region has 18 lovely little villages all of them surrounded by nature.

Some are specially charming and magic like, Valderrobres, Cretas, Calaceite, La Fresneda...


Valderrobres: Has been listed on the most beautiful villages in Spain ranking.     


Calaceite: Has been listed on the most beautiful villages in Spain ranking

La Fresneda

Natural sights


Natural Park Els Ports de Beceit.

Located between three different communities, Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia, this calcareous massif of eight hundred square kilometers has been awarded with the title of being one of the best places in Europe for its fauna and flora, some in danger of extinction.


The 5 Essential Places to visit at the National Park

1) El Nou Mirador del Cim de Caro

2) Estrets d'Arnes

3) Font Nova

4) La Vall

59 Faig Pare



The Green trail track

The Greenway is a railway infrastructure in disuse which has been converted into a route for cyclist, hikers and Equestrians.

It is a great fun to travel between fields,  olive, almonds and pine trees along a road of compacted gravel. You can reach up to Tortosa, and even the Mediterranean sea without sharing space with cars.

Some of the Matarraña villages are on the way of the Greenway like: Valjunquera, Valdeltormo, Torre del Compte, Valderrobres, Cretas and Lledo,



The best natural swiming pools in Matarraña region

El Salt in La Portellada

La Pesquera in Beceite

El pantano de Pena in Beceite

L'Assut in LLedó


Toll del vidre, Toll de la Verdura i Toll de l'Olla, the 3 natural swimming pools are in Tarragona province but it is only few kilometers from Matarraña region.


El Parrizal - Beceite

8km Hiking walk


Teruel Capital

From Matarraña you can visit Teruel capital. 3 hours drive from Matarraña

"Los Amantes de Teruel"




From Matarraña you can visit on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Only 2h45 minutes drive