Congratulations! Now you are the owner a property in Spain. It's time to start making steps towards to build your dreamed house.

It is very important to have it all settled and decided before starting building.

We will work with you to design your future home matching your life style and design/style preferences. We will discuss the location and orientation

How to Proceed to buy and build a property in Spain?


Paper work, license and legalities

We will check with the local authorities in regards to planning regulations, to ensure that your project is feasible on the land that you would like to purchase

Our project manager David will deal with the bureaucracy and paperwork. We produce the detailed specification and bill of quantities that forms the ‘Proyecto de Ejecucion’ in the Spanish legal system.
We obtain the Building License, an approval from Local Authority.



We will go through the costs so that you will have a detailed budget. All decisions will be made in advance of construction start, we guarantee to stay within the agreed budget.

We will show you some of our completed projects, meet some of our customers that are already living in the area so that you can see the finished product we can offer you.



Manel, our architect, will ensure that your thoughts and ideas are considered when producing the initial set of drawings for the authorities. This is the ‘Proyecto Basico’ in the Spanish legal system. This will in turn be approved by the College of Architects and then used to apply for the building license.



We build your new home with careful attention to all details and energy efficiency. Most of the houses are supplied with alternative systems such as a well for water and solar panels for electricity. We are committed to sustainable building procedures.  We follow all legal obligations with regards to building regulations, health and safety and waste disposal.


Whatsapp Group to follow up your project from you country.

We keep in touch with you during the construction process using a whatsapp group.

If you are not living in Spain during the building procedure we will send you continuous updates such as photographs and videos on a regular basis so that you can follow the construction process. We will take care of everything so that you can carry on with your day to day routine.