Mas de la Creu - Carlos & Lisa from England

Carlos and Lisa started looking for a property end 2013, they felt in love with a stunning spot in Matarraña region, in Aragon, Spain. They were willing to live permanently in Spain, so while all the procedure was taking place they organized their things back in Uk to be able to move to Spain once the house would be built. 

They both have a special touch and they have made a lovely home, a stone sustainable country house surrounded by nature. 

Living off grid it is a great option. Enjoying the calm of nature and not far from bigger villages and cities for day- to- day facilities. 

Carlos and Lisa are part of our big Family, Country Property in Spain it is much more than just  a ordinary state agent. We care about our customers dreams from the beginning to the end. And we feel very happy and proud to be part of the live project in Spain. 

Country Properly, “ YOUR DREAM, WE MAKE IN HAPPEN”