Compulsory exchange of driving licenses- UK to Spain

Compulsory exchange of driving licenses

If you are a British permit holder and plan to reside in Spain after the end of 2020, we recommend that you apply for the redemption, renewal or replacement of your permit with an equivalent Spanish. To do so, you will need to make an online appointment to the Spanish DGT office




Valid Uk Driving license

Actual pictures ( no 100% sure of this, but just in case)

Fill in the document and print please

Our fees 150€ per license

The procedure will take place in the DGT in Teruel

To apply for the compulsory exchange of driving licenses we need apply for a date online through the DGT web site

WARNING; until the 31st December UK citizens will have a EU advantages after that date you will be a non European citizen so rules will be absolutely y different.

If you like us to help you with the procedure please let us know

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Sandra Salvadó