Making the move to Spain, what’s in it for you?

Maybe, during the long weeks of confinement, you’ve been thinking about what the future holds for all of us: Are we going to be able to return to our old routines? Will our way of life change forever?  At the moment it’s difficult to know what the world will look like after the pandemic. (covid19)

On a personal level, perhaps the experience has made you think about what you want to change in your own life: When it’s all over do I want a different lifestyle?  Have my priorities changed?

We’ve been thinking about these questions too. We’ve asked some of our customers already living here about the benefits and attractions of living in rural Spain. Here’s what they told us:

  1. We are able to live at a slower pace. We have time to notice and enjoy what is going on around us. We spend lots of time watching birds, bees and butterflies on our land!
  2. The chance to live in an area full of fantastic natural beauty; mountains, rivers, forests, and olive groves are all on our doorstep.
  3. Being able to enjoy more open space – no traffic jams or crowds of people. There are endless walks and cycle routes to tackle and the air is so much cleaner here too.
  4. We have been welcomed into the local community. People are friendly, helpful and patient.
  5. We have access to lots of delicious local produce, for example spanish cured jamón, wine, honey, olives and almonds.
  6. The year has definite seasons and a natural rhythm (we know it’s February when the stunning almond blossom appears), punctuated by frequent fiestas!
  7. We have lots and lots of sunny days and blue skies, so we spend much more of our time outside.
  8. It’s just an hour to the beach and it’s an easy, picturesque drive through the mountains.
  9. If we want a dose of the ‘big city’, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza are not far away.
  10. Our money goes further because generally the cost of living is lower here.

Maybe you were already thinking of building your dream home in the Spanish countryside before the pandemic hit. Or perhaps it has sparked an idea in your mind now…….

Whatever stage you are at, there is no time like the present to get things moving. Why not start by sending us an email with all your initial questions and ideas? We will email you right back with answers and all the important information you need.

You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the meantime take a look at the properties we have for sale on our website, to get a taste of what is waiting for you here in Spain.

Sandra Salvadó

Country Property in Spain
COO Chief Operating Officer