Would you like to know more about obtaining the Spanish Residence??

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We can help you, and if you like we will guide you through all the necessary steps. Please check this link on our web: 


Bank statement of 8000€  for each of you, as I said  8000€ each, and the money needs to be in the Spanish account just  few weeks before your arrival, maybe a month and you can take the money back after little while.  

You need a "empadronamiento" Spanish address. You will need a Spanish address to be able to obtain the "empadronamiento". Let us know if you have this possibility if not we can guide you.

To Empadronar, you will need to go to the town hall where the property belongs and ask if you can empadronar yourselves on the rental house, if the answer is a no. You don't have to pay any taxes. 

Health insurance, one year ahead paid. We deal with Catalana Occidente, they are a reliable company, if you like I can contact Lola our contact person and ask her to do a quotation. I would need date of births. The payment it has to be annual. 

NIE number,  If you don't have a NIE we can help you too. NIE is necessary to be able to apply for the private health insurance.

David from our office will take you the official office in Alcañiz, with all the documents, and in a morning you will have  the Spanish Residence

Our fees are 150€ per residence

Some possible questions: 

Do we need to have our money in a Spanish account? YES

How do we get a Spanish address?  you need to go to the town hall where you have your residence in Spain  and ask them to "empadronar" in your country house or to a friends house, if you have trouble with this let me know, we well find the way

Can we apply for Spanish residency before we leave the UK or do we have to wait until we move over? You do not need to wait, we can start moving thing forward to make things happen. 

Do we need NIE? Yes, you need a NIE too, if you need we can help you with this step too. 


On the link I have copied there is the official form you will need to download to take with the rest of the documentation to the Office in Alcañiz. 


To know more or proceed please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sandra Salvadó

Country Property Team