Before 6 July, you could get your Spanish residency card in one simple visit.

One single appointment.

One single procedure.

One single part.

The Spanish residency card (green card) was yours straight away.

It’s true that coronavirus has complicated everything.

For those who have not obtained their residency yet, the process has become more complex.

Not impossible, but more complex.

The new Spanish residency process for British citizens has been divided into three parts:

  1. Application: The immigration office will collect all the requirements and will study every case individually.  By law, it could take up to three months for them to make the official decisions.
  2. Fingerprint: The immigration office will produce a letter stating whether the application has been approved. If yes, the Spanish national police will take your fingerprint and will order the card.
  3. Spanish residency card collection: It will be ready a few weeks after the fingerprint stage.

Can you read between the lines?

The green card, which was a single visit, has not turned into a procedure that could potentially take months and months.

Now…The deadline is approaching: 31/12/2020.

You have not applied for residency yet

Apply for residency now.

Beyond 31/12/2020 everything is up in the air.

Contact us to know how to proceed

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