We are your perfect property finder in Spain

We are your perfect property finder in Spain

Are you willing to buy a property in Spain?

Are you thinking on building your own house on Spain

Would you like to do a safe investment in Spain?

Are you dreaming about the possibility of finding a great spot to live your family?

Do you fancy the idea of owning a sustainable property in Spain?

Would you like to develop your business in Spain?

Is your goal to move to Spain with your family?

Above, only some of the questions you might have made to yourself in one point.

Read more on this post and know more about how you can contact with your all in one state agent in Spain we will ensure your path is smooth and happy.

We are willing to take you through this exciting journey in order to purchase your country property where you can build your sustainable country home in Spain.

Since 2008 we have been helping our customers find that magic spot on which their dream house can be realized.

Our aim is to make your path smoother throughout the whole process – from acquiring the land through to construction, guiding you through all the necessary legal and statutory requirements.

We can help you search for the best property according to your specific criteria. We can help deal with the local authorities, the local architect, the builder and in choosing materials and finishes.

We are happy to work with you no matter how small or big your project is - what really matters is that we make it a success. You can choose the level of assistance required from us - you decide the budget, and we make sure that your dream comes true.

Living in Spain, is an excellent option for those who are looking for a change. With great weather, blue skies, amazing nature and friendly people, this area fulfills many people’s dreams.

The untouched pocket of idyllic Matarraña seems far removed from anywhere however it is easily accessible from several airports, with a great road network. You are the protagonist of your own story, and we will help you to plan it, and make it happen.

Sustainable country houses, self sufficient villas, surrounded by nature in the beautiful and unique region of Matarraña, Catalonia or Castellon is what we specialize in, If you already have a property and would like to develop this, we would be very happy to help you realize your dream.

Set out your wish list, and we will do our best to fulfill this.

1- You can follow us on instagram @countrypropertyinspain or on our facebook fan page

We post few times a week giving our community some guidance through our posts, links to our blog, posts talking about procedures, legalities, some general advise on costs...etc...

2- Check our web site www.countrypropertyinspain.com

You will find some value information about available properties on different areas

* Catalonia *Aragón * Castellón

You will be able to read other customers experiences

Check on the customers projects and find out more about their projects and adventure


The extra services we do offer to help you through all the procedure, from finding the best spot to buy to, administration, bureaucracy, architects, notary, building and property maintenance. 

All in one state agent service.

3- Contact us via email.

Please feel free  to contact us and ask us and ask us as many questions you might have, we understand that buying a property in a foreign country it can be a bit vertiginous but it isn't. So email us will all your questions, doubts, tell us about your insecurities and we will clear up all your dubieties providing you value information,  verified by our wide experience since we started on 2004.

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4- If you prefer text us via whatsapp:  we will be happy too to answers any questions this way too:

David +34 687941288 Sandra +34 687941286

We will answer your whatsapps within in 24h

5- Come and visit us!!

Plan your trip to the area, come and meet the team, see in place the projects we are developing right now, view properties with our expert. Enjoy  some days off your routine to start walking on this exciting stage of your life.

Book a meeting with David our expert on projects development, and sales. Without any purchase commitment.

We look forward to meeting you in Spain

Sandra Salvadó

Country Property in Spain Team

Country Property in Spain

COO Chief Operating Officer

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