Sometimes you just need  some luck in life. Which we had it when we decided to buy a house in Spain  and met David.

Finding the  right location was very important for us. I mean you can always rebuilt a house but the location will be the same. So we knew  exactly what we wanted  but how to find it?  We decided to call David. Our intention was just an first acquaintance  but how different things went. We explained David what we were looking for and why and at the same day we ended up in his car looking at some sites. It all went so fast that within a week we found our perfect location.

David, who’s English is excellent,  prefers to meet up  in pubs and restaurants.  It’s great to discuss matters in a natural atmosphere.   David takes care of everything, from a hotel reservation,  a table at a restaurant , double parking, an appointment with the architect, picking you up at the airport, being your interpreter,  etc.  He calls says  ‘vale, vale, perfecto perfecto’ and it’s arranged. He really takes all your troubles away and he does it all for free. 

David doesn’t see the sell of an house or site as a transaction. He sees it as a new start for the buyer. That is why he  is so keen of making thinks go as smooth as possible. David has a lot of relations in the region. He works close together with an architecture who knows  the region very well,  different  civil workers  who can and will advise you and he knows a lot about the region and it’s history.  Thanks to this supply of information you know exactly  what your possibilities are.

We met some other buyers who described David like this: David is a miracle, where do you find an agent who doesn’t stop after the sell. And I agree for 100% with them. David stops to work for you  after the BBQ. The BBQ given after entering your new home.