David “the Perfecto” is a solution driven person, an amazing personality that you would want to meet, and have little humorous discussion with. David and his team will embrace your project and live it with you by constantly engaging you to find the best possible solutions that would optimize project’s timelines and finances. Personally, I enjoy being around in Mattaraña region with David and his team members that I got to know on a personal level, and amongst all, pleasantly satisfied with the development of “Mas del Músico”, the vineyard and the fruits garden which started producing amazing goods!

I would like to thank every single member of Country Property in Spain’s team for their support, friendship and to their personal contribution to making our dream become a reality. Every single interaction of this outstanding team, is meaningful and genuine. In Matterana, and with David’s team, we feel safe and being looked after passionately, while they are making your dream come true