“I shall be forever grateful to my landlady in Calaceite who steered me in the direction of David, Sandra and the Country Property team when I first came to Spain looking for a place to make my home. I’d done plenty of research, been out with some agents but not found quite what I was looking for when I contacted Country Property to make an appointment. Unfortunately, David was only available in the last few days of my visit but at our first meeting, and over the first of many coffees, he asked just the right questions and was so obviously knowledgeable and clear about the whole process that, within two days, I had found what I was looking for.
The Country Property team are special for the fact that they truly listen to what their customers are asking for, both in terms of property and information. Nothing is too much trouble, be it taking you to look at materials or helping to arrange accommodation while you are hunting for your plot. You will get the home you desire, with great attention to detail and have fun along the way. The whole process of working to bring my ideas to fruition with such generous, interested people has been an absolute pleasure and I am greatly looking forward to the next stages.”

Samantha Montgomery from UK