What about the Health service in Spain, what happens if I am ill and need to see a Doctor?

Do not worry, the quality of health care is considered equal, if not better than the UK. If you are holidaying in Spain then ensure you apply for your European Health Insurance card (EHIC) as this has taken the place of the E111. You can apply at your local post office (it is free) and it takes around 21 days, but will entitle you to treatment on the same terms as residents of the country you are travelling in. If you are taking residency and working in Spain, contributing to the Spanish Social Security you and your family are entitled to medical and dental treatment on the same terms as Spanish Nationals. If you are retiring to Spain, taking residency and are receiving a state pension, then the Instituto Nacional de la Salud will cover you. Not forgetting that Private Medical insurance is much more affordable in Spain and there are a number of companies/clinics that offer good packages. See www.spain.info for further information.