Getting an NIE number now costs 9€. You need to:

  • Fill in a form, available in PDF format from the following site:
  • Take the completed form, your passport and ONE copy of each, IN PERSON to a police station
  • In Tarragona province the police stations that issue NIE numbers are Tarragona, Reus and Tortosa. Which one you use will depend on the address you give on your application and where you are buying your property in Tarragona province.
  • We can help you fill in the forms, and can tell you which police station to go to hand them in. It is all quite straightforward… but you will almost certainly have to queue.
  • Given sufficient notice, we can accompany you to the police station, but we do make a charge for this. We will also pick the NIE document for you.
  • When you hand in the completed NIE form to the police, you will be given a receipt. 2-3 weeks later, your NIE number will be ready for collection at the same police station. Note that you do not have to pick it up in person —anyone can do this for you.
  • Buyers from non-EU countries should check what extra documentation they need to buy a property in Spain.