Building regulations to live in the country in Aragon

  • If you wish to live in the country in Aragon, there are several things to take in consideration
  • The council has the authority to give building licence to build a dwelling
  • In some councils there is the possibility of building new dwellings in the country
  • The only features the councils take in consideration are:
  1. The size of the land
  2. Distances to rivers
  3. Distances to other dwellings
  4. Distances to farms
  5. Type of land
  • It is not possible to live in a caravan. (Aragon is very strict in this matter)
  • A barn is not a dwelling, therefore it is not permitted to live in it,
  • The process to turn a barn into a dwelling is, exactly, the same as for a new build. INSPAIN, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TURN BARNS INTO HOUSES. This can be very confusing because it is possible in the UK. Some agents will say that many people do it… Does it mean the authorities allow it? NO, they will not allow it although sometimes they do not act immediately.
  • CAMPING OR LIVING IN MOBILE HOMES IS FORBIDDEN in Country properties in Aragon. The Spanish law is very clear in this aspect. IF ANY AGENT SAYS, YOU CAN DO THIS… ASK THEM TO HAVE A WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE MAYOR. This is not possible to achieve as it is against the law.
  • LOG CABINS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN IN SPAIN. Many people think this is an option for many reasons… but it is not.
  • The process to restore the dwelling in a Country Property in ARAGON is: (it is very important to know that all building permissions have been cancelled inAragon until each Council has the Plan General de Urbanismo, approved)
  1. ANTEPROYECTO. This document will have to be submitted to the Council by your architect prior to purchasing the land. This document costs very little money as it is a very basic idea of what you wish to build. The council will give you a certificate that confirms that you can build on your land.
  2. Architect’s plans (outline planning, building regulations project, environmental impact project) It is important to know that in Spain, only architects can do plans for dwellings. If you are told that you need an “APAREJADOR” or “TECHNICAL ARCHITECT” this means that, the Estate Agent is talking about a Barn or Almacen.
  3. Licence given by the council.
  4. Building permission.
  5. When the builders have finished you will have the Certificate of Habitation from your architect and the Council.