How to buy country properties in Aragon?

  1. Contact the agents that, you think, may have several properties of your interest.
  2. Organise a trip to view properties with, at least, a couple of weeks in advance.
  3. Meet with the Estate Agent and talk about the properties-in-Aragon you are looking for. The more information you give the easier it will be for the Property Agent.
  4. Go and view the properties that you have agreed with the Estate Agent.
  5. If there are several properties, that are interesting for you, ask for the Cadastral information of those properties so that you can see the size and shape of the property.
  6. From now onwards, a solicitor will be able to help you. I am sure the solicitor will follow the written below. If you do not think, it is important to have a solicitor then follow the process, ACCURATELY.
  7. Ask to meet an architect on the land. The architect should be able to tell you if you are allowed to build on that land and the process. It is important for you to know that the Architect is the maximum authority is Spain regarding building regulations.
  8. Discuss with the architect what you wish to do and ask him to draw an ANTEPROYECTO to submit to the council.
  9. The council will give you a certificate confirming what you wish to do is possible and they allow it.
  10. You are now in conditions to sign the Deposit contract
  11. You have to apply for the NIE and open the bank account.
  12. You have to agree in a date to go to the Notary to finalize with the purchase.

It is advisable to go to the Notary the previous day so that you know what you are going to sign. If you are on your own with the Notary you will feel free to ask all your concerns. If you have a solicitor, this step is not necessary as the solicitor will do everything for you.