Meeting at the DGA in Teruel

"Dealing with Spanish administration"

Buying a property in Spain it is indeed a great option for who dreams to live in real Spain, near to all the necessary day-to-day needs. We have been helping our customers since April 2008, when we started our own project buy creating Country Property in Spain.

For over 11 years, we have been helping our customers to develop their dreamed projects in a charming area in Aragon, Matarraña, region named by the CNN the Spanish Toscana. We have built many houses, and most important we have built a close relationship with our customers.

We "fight" for their rights and we look out for every single project that it's handled to the administration after been designed by the architect. This step has also made us to have a close relation with the local administration, as well as with higher up Governmental departments in Teruel.

Sometimes procedures can be exasperating, but we don't ever feel defeated, our compromise makes us keep on the loop, we do not fail on maintain on our personal "battle" to obtain the best and more optimized results for all the people who have put all their passion, illusion, money to have a house at the country side in Spain.

On the 2d October 2019,  David Suárez, Country Property in Spain GM, had another  meeting at the DGA offices in Teruel, a the meeting they were reunited: Benito Ros, Delegado del Gobierno en Teruel, Antonio Santa ISabel President of la Cámara de Comercio de Teruel and Santiago Ligros, General Secretary of the La Cámara de Comercio de Teruel.

We have a big compromise to keep on developing our customers projects, but we also have a deep belief that Matarraña, in Teruel, it is a prosperous area but we need the compromise of all the main actors in this necessary movement to make economic progress as well as increasing population in one of the most uninhabited areas in Spain.