Philip & Anne Marie from France

Philip and Anne Marie met Country Property in 2009 they did a first investment in Catalonia, and in 2011 they decided to sell the property and buy a new one in Arens de Lledó, Matarraña in Aragon.

They have already done lots of work with the architect and the Country Property team, before end 2012 they will start building, and by end 2013 they will be enjoying a new live in Spain. Sharing interests with our team, we end up developing a great project that will heap of satisfaction Philip and Anne Marie. Creating new projects handling hands with our customers it is indeed our goal every day. Spain in alive and we make our customers dreams come true safely and legally so their investments are always guarantees. Philip and Anne Marie, are also part of this great project that we are all creating in this prosperous area.

Country Property “ YOUR DREAM, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN”.